Monday, May 05, 2008

Glimmer Release

Version of the JRuby DSL for SWT, Glimmer, is finally released.

Get it at:

If you encounter any issues, please report them at:

Note: this is a RubyForge release and the project is moving to soon. Once that is finalized, releases and versioning will change.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Andy, you may want to clarify that this project is moving over to soon.

Also, one thing to note is that you can't call things "releases" until they have graduated from Eclipse.

See the incubation phase docs

No worries though, once the code is moved to we can straighten things out :)

Andy Maleh said...

That was a RubyForge project release.

I was holding off on announcing Glimmer's full transition into Eclipse until I commit its code to the Eclipse repository and switch its licensing to the EPL. :)

Miguel Garcia said...


I've developed an Eclipse plugin to automate the embedding of DSLs in Java. The draft of a technical article describing it is being reviewed at:

(your work about Glimmer is mentioned in that article as an example of Ruby-based DSLs).

Comments are welcome. I hope you'll find it interesting as it simplifies the creation of Internal DSLs (and supports the compile-time of their static semantics).