Monday, February 03, 2014

Ultra Light and Maintainable Rails Wizards at RailsConf and EuRuKo 2014

I have submitted proposals for the following talk at RailsConf 2014 and EuRuKo 2014:

Title: Ultra Light and Maintainable Rails Wizards


Every developer probably struggled at one point with building a large multi-step wizard that spanned several weeks to develop, interrupted by the client multiple times to insert another step here and another step there resulting in big code rewrites or lots of quick copy/paste and code duplication. Developers might address the concern by writing custom code that violates REST, results in Fat Controllers, or includes complicated Wizard step data management code. Andy will introduce a better way!

RailsConf2014 Proposal Link:

If I were to present, I would look forward to meeting you there.

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