Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Glimmer 0.4.8 Beta (Custom Widgets, Indexed Data-Binding & More)

There have been a number of quiet releases in Glimmer over the last month:

Recent changes/additions:
  • Nested/indexed property data-binding
  • SWT layout and layout data DSL
  • SWT Color and Font DSL
  • Ability to add Glimmer Custom Widgets
  • SWT Browser widget support
  • Automatic cleanup of data-binding/observers upon disposing a widget
  • Easier SWT style syntax via GSWT class
  • Inclusion of SWT library jars in Ruby gem
  • Improved glimmer/girb commands for running on Windows/Linux/Mac
One more got added in the last release (0.4.8 Beta):
  • New Glimmer Video Widget (not included in SWT)

You may learn more about these features in the README on the GitHub page:

Additionally, this elementary level educational game (Math Bowling) is an actual fully-fleshed-out Glimmer application that leverages all its latest features:

If you like the general ideas in Glimmer Beta and would like to contribute, please use in a small or low risk desktop UI project and report back issues, difficulties, missing features, and rooms for improvement. Your feedback can play a big part in shaping this open-source project.

Otherwise, as always, happy Glimmering!

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