Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Glimmer 0.7.4 & Gladiator 0.1.4 Released

Glimmer 0.7.4 Desktop Development Library for Ruby ships with the following changes:

- Have tree data-binding auto-embed models as tree item data
- TreeProxy#depth_first_search implementation
- Support read-only data-binding

Gladiator 0.1.4 (Glimmer Editor) ships with the following changes:

- Fix issue with file explorer tree losing selection on refresh
- Fix file explorer opening of files on every selection change instead of just hitting ENTER or mouse click
- Fix issue with refreshing the tree on every tab switch after making changes (make it check if change is coming from any of all tabs)
- Fix issue with top index not being set from config
- Make file explorer tree show file/directory names not paths
- Make file explorer tree show current project directory name as the root instead of "."
- Make file explorer shortcut auto-reveal open file in file explorer tree
- Make hitting ESC button in line number field, file lookup field, find field, or replace field go back to open file to the same caret position as before
- Make hitting ESC button in file explorer go back to open file to the same caret position as before and reselect it
- Improve file lookup by ignoring dots
- Add number command + 2-8 tab shortcuts
- Add a new file through File Explorer
- Add a new directory through File Explorer
- Delete a file or directory through File Explorer
- Support auto-indent on hitting ENTER to add a new line
- Support insert new indented line when hitting CMD+ENTER in the middle of a line

By the way, Gladiator has become the main text editor I use for developing both Glimmer and Gladiator. It's got most of my favorite shortcuts and features, and is getting more gradually. Coding Gladiator with Glimmer is such a fun exercise in desktop development; it truly lives up to the Ruby vision of programmer happiness. I recommend every developer goes through the same exercise of developing their own programming text editor, or alternatively help me in developing Gladiator.

Get them while they're hot!

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