Sunday, March 09, 2008

First adventure in Scala

Last week, I had my first adventure in a new programming language called Scala. It is statically typed, runs on top of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and .NET platform, supports multiple programming paradigms such as Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming, and seems to be designed with the idea of internal DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) in mind as it allows method calls without brackets and supports operator overloading.

I will be blogging more about Scala as I go along in my learning especially as I experiment with building internal DSLs.

There has been an Eclipse plugin for Scala since its birth apparently, so I will be giving it a spin soon too.


Neil Bartlett said...

Hi Andy,

A few other Scala fans will be meeting at EclipseCon on Monday evening in the Hyatt Lobby bar. We're calling it a "mini-BOF" because we didn't manage to get a proper BOF organised in time. Anyway, look out for us in the bar; Bill Venners (co-author of the Scala book) will be joining us.


Dave Hoover said...

Want to show us some Scala today at the Geekfest in Wheaton?