Saturday, November 04, 2006

A plunge into the blogging world

I once read a science fiction novel called Ender's Game. Although it was written before the Internet was born, it predicated many of the things that happened post its birth. It spoke of an interconnected web of computers; forums where people communicate, and even kids disguising as adults leading online organizations and political campaigns. While the last bit may have not manifested completely yet, it is interesting how the power of imagination can predict many things far before they occur.

I am finally plunging into the blogging world because I realized that it is a great way to communicate my ideas to people, discuss them, refine them, and contribute them to the world.

This blog will be dedicated mostly to technology-related topics. However, every once in a while, I will sprinkle in other topics that are related to my personal interests (skiing, rollerblading, kung fu, snowboarding, skateboarding, psychology, philosophy, etc...)

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Dave Hoover said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Andy!