Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glimmer 0.1.2 Release

Just made a new release of Glimmer (version 0.1.2):

New and noteworthy:
  • Official multiple-DSL support ability: You can now switch between the SWT and XML DSLs by invoking the included "dsl" method with the Glimmer module. This feature was needed in order to run all tests without DSL name clashes. Now, each test file specifies its DSL explicitly to ensure that when the XML DSL tests operate, they do not end up rendering SWT widgets for example.
  • Tests were also repaired to pass again given the latest changes in SWT, JRuby, and Facets.
  • Added a new sample app called "samples/hello_combo.rb"
  • License was switched to MIT License
Outstanding issue:

One thing that is not working on the Mac for some odd reason is "rake test" as I included this required Mac Java option in the rake test task (needed for SWT):
test.ruby_opts = ['-J-XstartOnFirstThread']
And, it is making rake bomb with the following message:
jruby: unknown option -J-XstartOnFirstThread
However, when manually running the command that the rake task renders in the output, it works like charm. I will report back once I have found a solution to this odd problem.

In the meantime, enjoy the release and stay tuned for more features.

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