Friday, February 18, 2011

Glimmer's Officially Back on GitHub

Yes, it's official! Glimmer is back on GitHub with support for JRuby 1.5.6 and Facets 2.9.0.

It also now includes an .rvmrc file to facilitate working with JRuby via RVM and a Gemfile to facilitate pulling in libraries like Facets with the right version.

The project will no longer be hosted on

Check out the GitHub repository over here:

This will be the main home for the project from this point on.

If you need a refresher on the project, here are some good resources:

Happy Glimmering!


Unknown said...

Omg! Thanks. I came across Glimmer like ~5 months ago when I was looking for an alternative GUI toolkit for Ruby. Glimmer seemed perfect, but I was a bit disappointed since I couldn't get it to run.
Glad it's back and up to date. Glimmer fills the spot between direct coding in swt/swing and jruby Monkeybars framework (which recently has been revived as well) but was a bit too heavy weight for me.

James Britt said...

" ... but was a bit too heavy weight for me."

I'm curious, as the maintainer of Monkeybars, what you found heavy-weight about it. Is it the separation of code into MVC? The generators handle the boilerplate stuff, and after that you can pop open a text editor and have an app running in five minutes.