Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Rails Engine That Could

I gave a lightning talk at Groupon's weekly tech event "GeekFest" the other day titled "The Rails Engine That Could"

The talk covered a successful utilization of Rails Engines in a Rails 3 project to modularize MVC features as reusable components. These components provide the best of both worlds, improved productivity through reusable MVC code, and better flexibility by allowing different applications to customize behavior as needed without dirty conditionals by relying on the Extension Point pattern (as used in the Eclipse IDE). Of course, given the benefits of Ruby, no XML is involved in the extension points, but how that was accomplished is beyond the scope of the lightning talk and can be covered in a future blog post.

Check out the slides over here:

Follow-up one-hour long presentation has been posted over here: The Rails Engine That Could - In Motion


Philipp Kursawe said...

Do you have your engines sources over at github?

Andy Maleh said...

I have them in my client's private git repositories. They are not open source. However, if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask or even correspond with me via email (andy {dot} am {at} gmail {dot} com)