Sunday, May 10, 2020

Glimmer 0.7.1 Gem Scaffolding Fix & Menu Item Selection Data-Binding

Glimmer 0.7.1 desktop development library for Ruby ships with the following changes:

  • Fix crash issue with data-binding widget properties that are not supported in both directions
  • Fix issue with scaffolding gems not having the right name
  • Fix display of rdoc gem message on every glimmer app run
  • Fix issues in closing a shell in girb
  • Fix issue with Glimmer not clearing DSL Engine parent stacks when DSL interpretation raises exception
  • Fix freezing issue upon logging observables and raising observable errors by overriding inspect on Observable to avoid printing nested tree of observers
  • Added validation for shell widget parentage (accepting a shell or nil) in shell expression
  • Support bidirectional data-binding of menu item selection (e.g. radio menu item)
  • Make shell auto-activate on show with 0.25 delay 

Happy Glimmering!

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