Friday, May 22, 2020

Glimmer 0.7.5 & Gladiator 0.1.5 Released

Glimmer 0.7.5 Desktop Development Library for Ruby ships with the following changes:

- Make :virtual a default tree SWT style
- Support Tree selection databinding (just like List)
- Support built-in Tree editing (i.e. editing tree item text)
- Support unregistering widget listeners
- Added tab item proxy dispose method that automatically unsets/disposes tab item inner control before disposing tab item itself

Gladiator 0.1.5 (Glimmer Editor) ships with the following changes:

- Remember all open text editor tabs when closing and reopening
- Support closing text editor tabs with keyboard shortcuts (closing current tab, closing all tabs other than current one, closing all tabs)
- Support prefix new indented line when hitting CMD+SHIFT+ENTER in the middle of a line
- Make CMD+T auto-select open file in file tree
- Make gladiator command accept directory argument instead of LOCAL_DIR and automatically open directory passed in
- Fix rename bug for when focusing out without changing name
- Fix bug with opening file with ENTER key from file tree
- Fix issue with changes not persisting when done via find/replace on a newly browsed to tab

Get them while they're hot!

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