Sunday, June 14, 2020

Glimmer 0.9 Multi-Gem-Rearchitecture + Opal Web GUI for Desktop Apps

Glimmer 0.9.1 has shipped with multi gem rearchitecture.

Here are the new gems Glimmer has been broken into with its multi-DSL support:
- glimmer: main DSL engine
- glimmer-dsl-swt: desktop development SWT DSL + data-binding + scaffolding + packaging
- glimmer-dsl-opal: webify Glimmer applications using Opal
- glimmer-dsl-xml: Glimmer DSL for XML. Useful with SWT Browser widget
- glimmer-dsl-css: Glimmer DSL for CSS. Useful with SWT Browser widget

Yes, you can webify Glimmer applications with Opal now running on top of Rails (albeit only supporting Hello, World! at version 0.0.1 of glimmer-dsl-opal at the moment).

Here is Hello, World! original using glimmer-dsl-swt:

include Glimmer

shell {
  text "Glimmer"
  label {
    text "Hello, World!"

Here is Hello, World! web edition (same code) using glimmer-dsl-opal:

Happy Glimmering!

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