Monday, July 13, 2020

Glimmer 0.9.4 and Glimmer DSL for SWT 0.2.3

Glimmer 0.9.4 and Glimmer DSL for SWT 0.2.3 have been released.

Changes in Glimmer 0.9.4:
  • Fix issue with observing attributes on classes directly instead of their objects
Changes in Glimmer DSL for SWT 0.2.3:
  • Upgraded to Glimmer 0.9.4
  • Add vendor directory to warble config for glimmer package command.
  • Make WidgetProxy register only the nearest ancestor property observer, calling on_modify_text and on_widget_selected for widgets that support these listeners, or otherwise the widget specific customizations
  • Add glimmer package:clean command
  • Make scaffolding gems fail when no namespace is specified
  • Add hello menu samples
Below are the new Hello Menu samples. Happy Glimmering!

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