Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Nebula CDateTime Glimmer Custom Widget

 Nebula CDateTime Glimmer Custom Widget and Glimmer DSL for SWT have both had updates.

glimmer-cw-cdatetime-nebula changes:
  • Actual CDateTimeProxy class that is a subclass of WidgetProxy
  • Smart defaults cdtkeyword for easily buildingCDT` styles
  • c_date, c_time aliases for date only and time only
  • c_date_time_drop_down, c_date_drop_down, c_time_drop_down for drop down configured widgets
  • c_date_time_spinner, c_date_spinner, c_time_spinner for spinner configured widgets
  • c_date_time_compact, c_date_compact, c_time_compact for compact style configured widgets
  • text_widget_proxy method to retrieve a Glimmer widget proxy for the inner text widget of CDateTime, thus enabling direct adding of observers and data-binding
  • toggle_open method to programmatically toggle between open and closed (works better and is more convenient than .swt_widget.set_open in some situations)
  • Nebula CDateTime Glimmer Custom Widget Gallery sample
glimmer-dsl-swt 0.6.8 changes:
  • Support external configuration of WidgetProxy::KEYWORD_ALIASES (e.g. radio is an alias for button(:radio))
  • Support external configuration of Glimmer::Config::SAMPLE_DIRECTORIES for the glimmer sample commands from Glimmer gems

Below is a screenshot from the new c_date_time gallery sample.

Glimmer Code:

You may learn more about the widget at the original blog post.

Happy Glimmering!

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