Thursday, September 03, 2020

Ruby enVironment Manager - Text-based User Interface

RVM is the original Ruby enVironment Manager that is used to:
  • Effortlessly install multiple versions of Ruby, including JRuby
  • Isolate projects from each other with gemsets to:
    • Enable higher productivity by being able to work on projects completely worry-free without any concerns about side-effects on other projects
    • Ability to manage a project's gems (including mass deletion) without worrying about affecting other projects
    • Prevent odd bugs that happen when sharing gems with other projects due to making changes in them
    • Simplify gem-related troubleshooting without a domino effect on other projects

Given how practical and often-used RVM is, I am providing a text-based user interface gem for it called rvm-tui.

GitHub Repo for rvm-tui:

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