Saturday, December 19, 2020

Glimmer DSL for SWT is finally here!

Eclipse SWT has been upgraded this month from 4.17 to 4.18, so Glimmer DSL for SWT caught up with the change in v4.18.0.0, including the new SWT 4.18 in the Ruby gem.

This also coincides with upgrading JRuby from v9.2.13.0 to v9.2.14.0, also supported by Glimmer DSL for SWT

In other big news, the Glimmer Meta-Sample (The Sample of Samples) finally supports editing sample code right in it to enable experimenting and learning with the Glimmer GUI DSL. It doesn't save changes to disk, and comes with a "Reset" button should you make any mistakes while making changes. You may run the Glimmer Meta-Sample via the `glimmer samples` command.

Change Log (including a few more revisions not previously announced):


- Upgrade to SWT v4.18

- Upgrade to JRuby v9.2.14.0

- Apply all WidgetProxy property converters upon normal setting of properties too (not just in DSL) (like `some_widget.background = color_symbol`)

- Update Hello, Menu Bar! sample to show accelerators on menu items

- Have the `swt` keyword (SWTProxy) support accepting a string character (to build an accelerator style)

- Make accelerator property accept symbols and character directly (without swt)

- Write meta-sample changes to user directory to avoid permission issues

- Zero margin_left, margin_right, margin_top, margin_bottom in layouts given that margin_width and margin_height are set by default

- Prevent editing/launching meta-sample from Glimmer Meta-Sample

- Fix enablement on `menu` (as opposed to menu_item, where it works)

- Fix issue relating to background image scaling on resize of widget


- Support editing sample code in the Glimmer Meta-Sample to enable experimentation and learning

- Add a "Reset" button to the Glimmer Meta-Sample to allow resetting sample code changes

- Refactor/revise hello_message_box.rb and hello_pop_up_context_menu.rb samples

- Upgrade to glimmer 1.0.6


- Loosened dependencies on most Glimmer author-owned gems

- Refactored/Simplified/Fixed Hello, Link! Sample


- Hello, Link! Sample

- Refactor hello list samples

Below are screenshots from the new Hello, Link! sample:

Happy Glimmering!

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