Thursday, September 07, 2023

Montreal.rb Sep 2023 Intro to Ruby in the Browser

The video and slides for the Montreal.rb Ruby Meetup September 6, 2023 talk "Intro to Ruby in the Browser" have been posted!

Talk Description:

Matz mentioned in his RubyConf 2022 keynote speech that in the future of Ruby, maybe we could start replacing JavaScript with Ruby in the browser. Especially given that today, we have new options like Ruby WASM and Opal Ruby (Fukuoka Ruby 2023 Winner), as demonstrated by the TryRuby Playground on Ruby's home page. Using them will achieve the ultimate dream of being able to write Ruby code on both the frontend and backend, resulting in great software engineering benefits such as better code maintainability and higher productivity. That said, how do we get started with Ruby in the browser in a Rails app? What are the trade-offs compared to using JavaScript? How do we make frontend Ruby talk to backend Ruby while reusing some of its Ruby code? This talk will help Ruby on Rails software engineers get started with Ruby in the browser while providing demos along the way via an actual Rails app.

YouTube Video:

PowerPoint Slides:

Happy Learning!

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