Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glimmer Introductory Tutorial

A Glimmer introductory tutorial has been posted on Eclipse Zone (and Java Lobby):

The article includes a brief introduction to Eclipse SWT concepts for both Java and Ruby developers who are not familiar with SWT desktop development. Additionally, the article maps Java conventions to Ruby convensions to facilitate learning Glimmer for Java developers who have not had any Ruby experience.

Feedback and feature requests are welcome.


Soleone said...

This is pure awesomeness! Best of both worlds!

I am now a dedicated Ruby programmer and it's really hard to go back to the Java stuff, but SWT and RCP still are the very best cross-platform desktop frameworks out there imho.

I was just thinking about making my own framework to ease the pain of creating an RCP app (e.g. YAML instead of XML, conventions, etc.), but fortunately I found Glimmer! I hope you will keep on evolving the project, maybe I will even contribute something, when I'm experienced enough in RCP. (How about using Git[hub] for decentralized source management to make it easier to contribute?)

Anyway best wishes and thanks a lot,


Zaitrarrio Collier said...

Hi Andy,

I've integrated Glimmer with the work done by Anton Arhipov [http://eclipse-soc.blogspot.com/2007/08/groovy-plug-ins-bundle-activation-and.html]nd [http://wiki.eclipse.org/Add_the_ability_to_write_plugins_using_jruby_or_groovy]
and would like to become a committer on the Eclipse project. Please contact me and I'll send you the source.

Craig Taverner said...

Hi Andy, I'm busy writing a Ruby DSL for certain data modeling problems, but want to host it inside eclipse RCP, and think that a combination of glimmer and Anton Arhipov's work would be a great aid. However, I've seen no action on glimmer since June, and the eclipse project page is empty. Any chance we can discuss this further. See my company website www.amanzitel.com for contact details.

Unknown said...

Splendid! :)

Andy Maleh said...

Hi Soleone,

Glimmer recently became an Eclipse project, so to my understanding, code must be committed to the Eclipse SVN repository.

I will be looking into possibly mirroring the code in Github. Not sure how to do it yet, but if anyone has an idea, I'm all ears.