Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Agile 2009 Talk: Pairing Parody

I submitted a proposal for this talk with Tyler Jennings:

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Pair programming requires a certain level of social interaction (Yikes!!!) that quite a few developers are not accustomed to - even with their peers. Learning to work effectively with people of different personalities and skills (or even Jedi powers) can sometimes seem daunting compared to the typical habit of working alone in a dark corner. We’ve seen pairing work wonderfully, we’ve seen it be an abysmal failure that involved some shouting and storming away, and we’re going to bring our best-of moments to you in comedic fashion.

First we’ll cover the basics for anyone who isn’t familiar with the drama that often accompanies pair programming. Afterward, Andy and I will be acting out various skits, demonstrating both effective and dysfunctional pairing scenarios. Discussions (and laughter or cries of terror) are highly encouraged at the end of each skit.

Basic Patterns

* Be Verbose
* Questions Not Demands
* Pair Negotiation
* Ping Pong Programming
* 2 x 2 Pairing
* Independent Research / Spikes

Mentoring Patterns

* Let the student drive
* Let the student fail
* The third wheel
* Test Mentor


* The Prima Donna Programmer
* The Apathetic Programmer
* The Human Compiler
* Worshipping The Hero
* The Professional Driver

Learning outcomes

* Recognizing a dysfunctional pairing session
* Patterns for pairing effectively with various personality types and skill levels

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Soleone said...

Now that sounds really interesting, I wish I could be there to see it! Maybe there is a chance to get a video version later on the internetz?