Friday, November 06, 2009

Social Dev Camp - Iterative Prototyping: Discover Your Interface Sooner!

Updated Nov 8, 2009

I'm giving a presentation at Social Dev Camp / Chicago this Sunday at 2:30PM.


Iterative Prototyping: Discover Your Interface Sooner!


Iterative incremental design of software is great as it helps developers discover how to build their applications gradually with small low-risk steps followed by user acceptance testing. However, why limit this agile approach to writing code? This same technique can be applied to user interfaces too during the early conceptual stages of design, enabling ability to make changes in hours instead of weeks since it is done to paper instead of code. For example, can you think how much more time it would take to redesign each page in MySpace to look more like Facebook if it is already coded vs when it was still on paper? Come to this talk to learn the basics of Iterative Prototyping and how you can apply this valuable tool to achieve better user experience.

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