Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Craftsmanship Swap with EdgeCase - Day Five

Here is my belated report on day five of the craftsmanship swap with EdgeCase.

I continued to pair with Mike, but on a different project. We decided to use Emacs that day.

One feature that we were developing needed to be refactored and simplified, but we made the conscious decision of finishing it with the current code design first, and then diving into the refactoring afterward. That paid off greatly because the refactoring took very long and we did not have time to finish it by the end of day, yet we had a tested and functional version of the feature.

Friday happened to be a day when employees wanted to grill hand-tossed Pizza outside. That was fun as it involved helping out in the process (think team building) as well as having interesting non-programming conversations.

The day was ended in the music jamming area where Mark, Kevin, and I attempted playing metal, rock, and pop music.

I would say the swap was very good overall since I got to experience tools I was not used to such as Rails.VIM and Emacs, new processes such as relying on Cucumber fully for integration testing without writing controller tests, and new cultural habits such as playing music and grilling pizza at work. :)

In the future, if anyone is interested in doing a craftsmaship swap with Obtiva, visit our website to get the contact info (and mention this blog post).

Thanks to EdgeCase for their hospitality and good luck to everyone on their craftsmanship journey.

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