Saturday, October 16, 2010

SCNA 2010: Day 2

Chad Fowler kicked off Day 2 of Software Craftsmanship North America with a talk on outsourcing simple tasks to cheaper labor with close supervision.

The second talk, titled "Artist to Programmer", was about how a Computer Science degree approach did not work with Keavy McMinn who came from a fine arts background, so she ended up learning programming through online collaboration, and then finally joined the pragmatic programmers in the US and learned from them.

-Embrace the unknown
-respond to challenges
-be a maker of stuff (enjoy it)
-be open to change
-consider your community

Enrique Comba gave a talk about the Forsaken Value.

I will be giving a lightning talk titled "How Drumming Re-Invigorated My Passion For Mastery"

... in progress... will tidy up later.

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