Monday, November 22, 2010

MagicRuby: Whatever Happened to Desktop Development in Ruby?

I will be giving a talk at the upcoming MagicRuby conference, which begins on Feb 4, 2011.


Whatever Happened to Desktop Development in Ruby?


While web development is thriving in the Ruby world with Rails, Sinatra, and other frameworks, desktop development is still not very common as a lot of developers rely on Java technologies like Eclipse or straight .NET technologies such as Windows Forms.

This talk will walk attendees through some Ruby desktop development frameworks/libraries, contrasting the pros and cons of each, and mentioning what is missing that discourages developers from relying on Ruby to build desktop applications.

Frameworks/libraries covered will include MacRuby, Shoes, Limelight, and Glimmer.

Attendees will walk out of the session with rudimentary knowledge on desktop development in Ruby as well as an idea of what to expect in the future.


Steev said...

Sweet! Please get in touch if you'd like to talk more about Shoes...

OJ said...

Have you come across yet?

OCRA (One-Click Ruby Application) builds Windows executables from Ruby source code. The executable is a self-extracting, self-running executable that contains the Ruby interpreter, your source code and any additionally needed ruby libraries or DLL.

OJ said...

Also, Shoes wasn't stables on my Snow Leopard, dmg from here:

AAA - The First MMOW said...

Great presentation.
I now have a "Glimmer" of hope in applying my Ruby expertise to Desktop applications.

arunsark said...

Hi Can you share the slides of the talk?