Tuesday, May 03, 2016

SuperModule 2 Beta (v1.2.0)

SuperModule 2 has long been overdue. It was almost out a year ago, and then my MacBook Air got stolen with the near-finished code at a Second Cup cafe in Montreal (won't mention which one, but let's just say don't leave your laptop unattended in Downtown Montreal). Fortunately, I got parts of the code stored in a remote Git branch (yeah Git for the rescue!), so I just released SuperModule 2 as beta today to use on my employer's client project.

Feature Summary:
  • New super_module(name) syntax
  • Much simpler implementation with guaranteed correctness and no performance hit
  • Less memory footprint by not requiring method_source Ruby gem for v2 syntax
  • Backwards compatibility with v1 syntax
No need to remember to include SuperModule anymore with the use of the v2 super_module method. Much simpler usage as a result as per popular demand.

Since this version is beta, I'm very curious about user feedback. Let me know how it goes for you.

Enjoy Ruby Modules again!!! Write as simply as any superclass with all of the power of multiple mixins!!!

Cheers... Andy

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