Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Desktop Development in Ruby is on Steroids with Glimmer!

Glimmer 0.10.1 (Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library), Glimmer DSL for SWT 0.5.2, Glimmer DSL for XML 0.2.0, Glimmer DSL for CSS 0.2.0, and Glimmer Video Custom Widget 0.1.3 have been released!

Glimmer finally officially supports Windows packaging as MSI/EXE via the `glimmer package` command (it unofficially supported it before)

In other news, Are We There Yet? v1.1.0 (Small Project Tracking Desktop App) has been released for Windows and Mac.

Also, Gladiator (Glimmer Editor) 0.2.3 is out.

Happy Glimmering!

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