Saturday, January 08, 2022

More Glimmer Custom Shape Gems like Cylinder and Cube

New Custom Shape Gems have been published for Glimmer DSL for SWT:

These have been extracted from the newest Glimmer DSL for SWT sample: Glimmer Quarto

Now, when you run the `glimmer` command for listing custom shape gems, you get the following:

% glimmer list:gems:customshape

  Glimmer Custom Shape Gems at


       Name                    Gem               Version     Author                    Description                 


  Bevel             glimmer-cp-bevel             0.1.1     Andy Maleh   Bevel - Glimmer Custom Shape               

  Cube              glimmer-cp-cube              0.1.0     Andy Maleh   Cube - Glimmer Custom Shape                

  Cylinder          glimmer-cp-cylinder          0.1.0     Andy Maleh   Cylinder - Glimmer Custom Shape            

  Messageboxpanel   glimmer-cp-messageboxpanel   0.1.0     Andy Maleh   Message Box Panel - Glimmer Custom Shape   

  Stickfigure       glimmer-cp-stickfigure       0.1.1     Andy Maleh   Stick Figure - Glimmer Custom Shape        

Below are Hello samples of each Custom Shape.

Happy Glimmering!

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