Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Slides & Code for RubyConf 2023 Workshop "How To Build Desktop Applications in Ruby"

Thanks to everyone who attended my RubyConf 2023 2-Hour Workshop "How To Build Desktop Applications in Ruby"

I am happy the event's large ballroom filled up completely with attendees. For those who missed the event, I posted the presentation slides and code exercises (27 exercises) on GitHub. If you are at RubyConf 2023 and have further questions about the workshop, feel free to hit me up on the RubyConf 2023 Slack group or reach out to me via a Glimmer DSL for LibUI Issue or Glimmer Gitter Chat.

Slides/Code GitHub Repo: 


Embedded Slides:

After the workshop, I hosted a RubyConf 2023 Community Day Glimmer Desktop Hacking event. Thanks to everyone who joined me there too. The product of that Hacking session was the Glimmer DSL for LibUI Game App: Color The Circles, which was produced using Application Scaffolding and a refactoring of the original example included in Glimmer DSL for LibUI.


Happy Glimmering!!!

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